The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best Eyeliner for Your Eyes

Eyeliner is one of those basic beauty products that can be polarizing. Women either “never leave the house without it,” or they rarely, if ever, wear it. There really isn’t an in between, and that’s because eyeliner is transformative.

Why is eyeliner so important?

You use eyeliner to define your eyes. You define your eyes to set your look, to make it stand out. You even define your eyes to avoid having your lashes look too full. Your eyeliner defines your eyes. It’s a powerful tool in your makeup kit. A strong eyeliner frame makes your eyes appear wider, taller and brighter. A stronger, sharper eyeliner tool makes your eyes appear larger, with more definition. That leads to a really attractive face, which women go crazy for. And one that men want to be with. “They’re obsessed with a woman with big, defined eyes,” says makeup artist Karyn Grossman. “It makes them feel good about their own eyes.” So, you know that the eyeliner you use can make or break how you look. So you better use the best eyeliner in Pakistan for your eyes to make a statement.

What are the different types of eyeliners?

There are three major types: winged, curved, and solid. Winged The most popular form of eyeliner is the winged liner. This type is best used for curling, drawing on, or, in many cases, making an upward cat eye. There are a variety of winged eyeliner products, from pens to liquids, and the type of winged liner you use can depend on the brand. Curved This is a type of eyeliner that was popular in the mid-2000s, but has been fading into obscurity. Curved eyeliner is basically a longer and thinner version of the winged liner. Solid Solid eyeliners are less angular than the other two, and are designed to be used more as a bullet or wing liner. The best way to think of a solid eyeliner is to imagine a thick, straight line.

What are some tips for picking a perfect eyeliner?

Choosing the right eyeliner can be intimidating and overwhelming, which is why we’re here to help you find the best eyeliner for your eyes, no matter what it takes. It’s easy to buy one eye-makeup product, but with so many different formulas, formulas and styles out there, you need to find the best one for you. This guide breaks down the most popular eyeliners and offers some recommendations for newbies and pros. Whether you’re first starting out with eye-makeup or you’ve been using the same kohl liners for years, there’s a guide to help you pick a perfect eye-makeup product to take you from day to night. Best Cosmetic Products Essentials Find the right liner for your eyes

1.Eyeliner mistakes you should avoid

In addition to being a matter of personal preference, liner can be deceivingly hard to master. Trying to look professional can make it challenging, to say the least. To help you get the most out of your eyeliner and set the tone for your beauty game, we’re going to take you through the seven essentials of applying eyeliner and master the art of winged liner. 1. Pair your liner with mascara When it comes to the perfect eyeliner, the quality of your mascara matters just as much as your foundation. If the liner is too thick or too short, you can’t use mascara to enhance the shape of your eyes. Simply apply mascara to the entire eyelid and you’ll get the same effect. It’s a two-in-one killer trick.

2.How to apply your eyeliner

At times, women struggle with mastering eyeliner; they’re afraid to take the plunge and embrace it. Sometimes, because they’re embarrassed by how it looks. That’s a complete mindset shift. What you see in the mirror shouldn’t dictate how you live your life. Most women do not wear the same makeup they wore as a teenager. Having fun with your makeup doesn’t mean you have to abandon your tried-and-true makeup routine. It means you have an outlet to experiment with different looks. In terms of eyeliner, start with a wash of color on the inner rim of the lower lash line. When you look in the mirror, your eye will naturally gravitate toward that color. Alternatively, you can draw some creases around your eye with a liner that matches your eye color. Eyeliner is multifaceted.


You can use eyeliner to highlight your eyes, or draw thick, bold lines around your eyes and down your nose to create a bolder look. The possibilities are endless. There is a way to wear eyeliner if you are not a professional makeup artist or beauty enthusiast.

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