Does marijuana best for treating Alzheimer’s disease?

Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive neurological problem of the brain which leads to the irreversible loss of neurons. As a degenerative brain disease, Alzheimer’s destroys memory slowly and thinking skills, and with time even the potential to carry out the simplest tasks will be complex.

It’s also a very famous cause of dementia among older people. Dementia is a class of brain disorders featured by impaired intellectual, social, with cognitive abilities. Alzheimers disease medical marijuana in Ohio is a widely known form of dementia and accounts for an estimated 50-70% of all dementia cases.

Medical Cannabis for Alzheimer’s disease: How It works Help

when the population grows, there will be an increase in demand for Alzheimer’s treatments which can assist in managing symptoms and slow disease progression.

Several people are searching for safe alternatives to conventional Alzheimer’s disease treatment. Research continues to show promising solutions with medical marijuana for Alzheimer’s disease the alternative therapies.

THC and Neural Plaques Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the psychoactive substance found in particular cannabis strains. Multiple research has looked at the effects of THC on neural plaques. THC has been found to reduce the formation of damaging plaque in the brain.

It occurs that small doses of THC slow the growth of beta-amyloid, the protein responsible for creating neural plaques. However, one study found that THC content in medical marijuana had a more remarkable ability to produce neural plaque removal compared to Alzheimer’s medications.

  1. CBD and Cellular Health

Cannabis also has another plant compound known as cannabidiol (CBD). Unlike THC, which stimulate psychoactive and mind-altering effects, CBD provides other health importance which can assist in treating Alzheimer’s disease. CBD has natural anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, analgesic with some sedative properties. Neurological research shows that CBD has conducted that it can assist in reducing the process of cell death, called apoptosis.

Used together with THC, it can reduce oxidative injury, inflammatory events with some other mechanisms that help to contribute to the degeneration of the brain. This shows that CBD may assist Alzheimer’s patients by protecting healthy brain cells from dying off.

  1. Cannabis and Inflammation

It is said that a significant contributing factor to Alzheimer’s treatment is inflammation around plaque which creates up in the brain. Cannabinoids have shown the power in reducing inflammation and decreasing cognitive degeneration also.

Initial animal testing has shown that marijuana can assist in lowering inflammation around neural plaques. Majorly, cannabis opens anti-inflammatory problems that help to slow cognitive decline. Though it hasn’t yet been fully achieved in humans, researchers feel a possible connection between cannabis and slow neurological inflammation in humans. Regular research can assist in confirming this and giving furthermore for medical marijuana with Alzheimer’s disease treatment.

  1. Cannabis and Cellular Growth

Studies have also shown how cannabinoids show effort in assisting to enhance the growth of tissue in the parts of the brain that controls memory, called the hippocampus. For Alzheimer’s patients, this shows that cannabis will help you improve memory function by stimulating more excellent rates of neuron growth.

  1. Cannabis and Alzheimer’s Symptoms

Alzheimer’s patients usually suffer from extensive range of symptoms. Marijuana has also shown the potential to help increase the quality of life in Alzheimer’s patients by reducing and controlling many of these symptoms.

Marijuana is called appetite effective, and it gives a relaxed feeling. These with other properties will help significantly increase the quality of life of people who suffer from this worse disease. Below is how cannabis will help to treat Alzheimer’s disease symptoms:

Best Cannabis Strains for Alzheimer’s disease

  • Cannabis Sativa: This strain of cannabis is used to enhance cognitive function. This can benefit Alzheimer’s disease patients who wish to be stimulated, energized, and more fully engaged in conversations.
  • Cannabis Indica: This strain of cannabis is used to increase sleep and enhance appetite. Primarily patients with Alzheimer’s don’t have appropriate sleeping and eating patterns and also may get cannabis Indica strains that will be treating those symptoms.
  • Cannabis Hybrids: These strains of cannabis is a mixture between Indica and Sativa and provide benefits from both types. Cannabis hybrids give either a Sativa- or Indica-dominant strain or a half-and-half mix. Alzheimer’s disease patients will decide if a hybrid strain according to which symptoms they want to treat.


While Alzheimer’s disease medical marijuana in Ohio is potentially helpful for specific symptoms, research is still in the early stages. It is good to watch for generic Sativa/Indica mixes, as not all strains are helpful. Some of the marijuana strains may even worsen the condition.

Would you please talk with your marijuana doctor before you start using medical cannabis for any condition? As you know, this article is not medical experts, so it is good for you to take the content of this as medical advice.


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